About InfoTech Maine

InfoTech Maine, LLC is a Central Maine based business focused on increasing cyber security in the area as well as helping our clients expand their business.

Security Consulting
  • A website is the mobile presence of your business. While your physical location is only seen locally, your website is seen and used more frequently, and can be seen internationally. Using the latest designs and methods, we can help you build a mobile-friendly and modern website.
  • With over 15 years of collective experience in the field, we have the tools and knowledge to help you ensure the security and integrity of your network and data, allowing you to focus on the skills you and your team specialize in.
  • A business cannot run if its infrastructure is down. Downtime typically equates to inefficiency and loss of service. With our managed services, we can help you monitor your equipement, allowing issues to be pin-pointed quickly and easily.

What are we all about?

InfoTech Maine, LLC was founded in 2011 with the technological needs of customers in mind. We realized that the Central Maine area lacked a large presence of modern ambition, and we sought to fill that gap.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best tools needed to maximize the productivity of each client, while still maintaining proper security. This can only be achieved with a personalized setup. Every service we offer is performed with regard to the highest performance outcome in mind for the client.

With a hand-selected team that has a passion for what we do, you can trust that InfoTech Maine will provide you a reliable and professional service - every time.

While the internet is great for connecting people together at the tips of our fingers, it also provides avenues for unwanted visitors. Much like your own home, if you don't have the proper security on your network and devices, you could be subject to cyber-threats. We offer a range of products, from full-premise audits to intrusion prevention. Whatever your needs, we specialize in the solution.
Using the latest libraries in CSS, BootStrap, JQuery, and more, we can help you build a beautiful and functional website to meet any need. All websites are custom, can be single or multi-paged, and are ready for any user platform.
We also specialize in inventory software, helping you showcase your products quickly and easily, without having to wait on someone to publish it for you, or taking large amounts of time to figure out pesky Content Management Systems.
It's important to be aware of what's going on around your organization whether it be from a security, productivity, or logging standpoint. Using world-class software, we can provide dedicated, secure, around-the-clock monitoring specific to your organization's needs.
You work hard at what you do, so why not have peace of mind about it while you're not there? We can install one of the most modern and capable systems on the market, for typically a much cheaper price! Features include: IP PoE (Power over Ethernet), outdoor-rated, night vision, audio recording, high-definition, motion detection, push notification, and much more. Contact us today for a free quote!

InfoTech Maine Afilliates and Partnerships

InfoTech Maine, LLC is a Central Maine based business focused on increasing cyber security in the area as well as helping our clients expand their business.

As a Microsoft partner, let us help you save money on Microsoft products! Currently offering 16% off a yearly subscription to Office 365! Click the link below to learn more.

Save 16% on Office 365 Yearly Subscription

Passwords are hard to remember and easy to guess. We have partnered with LastPass as one of the industry-leading password mamangement systems. We offer full integration support, and you can start a free trial today!

We have set up a partnership with Bitdefender, the leading US-based Anti-Virus and Web-Protection developer. Contact us today to get the best protection possible.


Why a Modern Website is Important to your Business

Running a successful business today means much more than it did 20 years ago. With more people doing business online, you need a suitable online strategy in order to compete with other players in your industry. A functional and modern SEO-friendly website is an important component in developing such a strategy. The truth is that computers, mobile devices, and social media have revolutionized how people communicate and do business. Regardless of the product or service you are offering, setting up an appropriate website that not only runs on desktop computers, but also mobile platforms, will go a long way in helping you to reach your customer wherever they are in the world. Here’s why:

- The internet is the first place most people search when trying to find products and services. Whether it is a young couple looking for the nearest Seafood restaurant in Central Maine to go on their next dinner date, or a housewife trying to find baking products, they are more likely to go to Google, a social network, or a suitable webpage before visiting a physical location. If you don’t have a functioning, modern website, there is no chance for any of the millions of people searching online daily to know about you or what you’re offering.

- It helps to differentiate your business from competitors. Setting up your website with your products gives you a chance to display your offerings in a different way from other people in your industry. This is harder to do if you are using a regular e-Commerce template, but an IT professional who is skilled in web design can custom-build you a suitable, modern website with an appropriate UX design to match your customer’s tastes and needs.

If you operate a local business in Maine, you should also be looking into creating a modern website to match your offerings, or hire a professional web designer from InfoTech Maine, LLC to do it for you. At InfoTech Maine, LLC we have skilled and experienced IT professionals waiting to serve you in Central Maine and surrounding areas.


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